How to imporve performance on mobile more effectively?

The same gltf run on Babylonjs and Threejs on Android/IOS. The result is Threejs more smoother. Threejs get higher FPS. Even though i have followed the doc to optimize scene, Babylonjs still get lower FPS. What’s the different between two 3D frameworks? I don’t know how to solve it, becase the test result have a gap between two framworks. Bjs = Lower FPS, Threejs = Higher FPS.

Babylon.js docs

Well :slight_smile: can you share both repros so we can investigate?

Did you use the Agressive option from the optimization level here?
Optimizing Your Scene | Babylon.js Documentation (

I’ll upload two project later

I’ve found the problem. Cause of using CascadedShadowGenerator instead of ShadowGenrator. CSG causes gl.readPixels() to do huge calculations. This issue is not obvious on PC but very pronounced on mobile.

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