How to limit the area on the model that can be decaled?

Good afternoon!
How can I limit the area on the model that can be decaled? I have different models and on each one I need to limit different areas where decal can be applied.
For example on clothes in this scene.

I just go in blender and separate faces (where decals should be, and where should not).
Then in scene you call the mesh that you separated in blender by it’s name, and place decals on that mesh.

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Thanks! yes, in could be, but I have near 30 models, and this models has a complicated meshes, and managers can change places for decals in one moment, but i think i found the answer, but it’s a crutch)) will present on the next week) I think I need a Jedi master badge for crutch with decals since April 2021. hahah

On the alien example, since the clothes are separate meshes (and I think in most cases they will be separate), then babyloner’s solution of checking for the mesh’s name will be the most straightforward one: Babylon.js Playground (