How to make a camera Alpha animation keep looping in a circle

First of all, my heartfelt congratulations to the BJS team on an INCREDIBLE new release. I can’t even believe how much you folks accomplished, and I’m more excited than ever to be learning how to use this amazing platform!

My scene just has a single Ground mesh. I’m trying to animate my arcRotation camera simultaneously by the radius, Alpha, and Beta properties. Essentially, I’m trying to start above the center of the ground and loop through the motion of moving down closer to it and then back up to the origin point while also moving back and forth to a different camera angle (Beta), all the while constantly spinning in a circle around the center point (Alpha). Everything is working perfectly, aside for the Alpha animation. Instead of constantly moving in a circle around the center point, the camera rotates part of the Alpha distance and then returns to the original Alpha. The Alpha animation is at, at least, continuously repeating, as I want. How do I make the Alpha change just keep moving around in a complete circle? I created a Playground for this at:

Thanks so much for your help, time, and expertise!

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You are simply overthinking the camera animation, as I often and generally do.:upside_down_face:

You already have a path defined as an arc rotate camera, so you only need to set keys at a starting position at the beginning of the animation and at a mid point.


Perfect, thank you so much! I can’t believe that the solution was that simple! Have a great weekend!

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Excellent, didn’t even notice the “solved” tag. Thanks again!