How can i change the center explosion scale?

the link:

I am trying to scale the explosion to the same size of a box(size=1)

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Hi franciscogneto,

Welcome to Babylon! Since this is a whole set of particle systems, not just one, the answer for how to change size is not as straightforward as changing a single variable. You’ll need to change multiple different variables, such as emitPower, across all of the different particle systems individually, and you’ll probably also want to change the number of particles, etc. in order to get them looking the way you want to. Probably the easiest way to do this is through the Inspector, where you’ll be able to change the variables interactively and see the effects in the scene immediately. I’ve refactored your Playground to make the particle system set persistent:

Explosion | Babylon.js Playground (

If you press the Inspector icon (the cube with the gear), you should now be able to look under “Particle Systems” and see all the particle systems that make up the explosion. By clicking on each and scrolling through the bottom panel, you’ll be able to see and change the variables which control the various systems. “Size” and “Emission” are probably the variable categories that will be most important to you, but you may also want to change the number of particles, the lifespan, and so on in order to achieve the effect you’re going for. While changing these variables, you shouldn’t have to reload the scene, though; just press space again once you’ve changed a variable, and the modified explosion should show up immediately so that you can iterate fast. Hope this helps, and best of luck!


OHHH thanksss @syntheticmagus