Using particleHelper explosion, how do I scale the returned systems so the explosion is smaller?

Here is an example of my code (self has been simplified).
I want to scale down the explosion to roughly 1/4 it’s default scale.

var self = {};
BABYLON.ParticleHelper.CreateAsync("explosion", scene).then((set) => {
            self.exploder = set;
            self.exploder.setPostion = setPostion;

    this.explode = function(position){
        var position = position.clone();

    function setPostion(posVector){>{
            sys.worldOffset = posVector;


you can get access to all systems through It will give you all the particle systems generated by the set.

Then on each system you can change the minSize/maxSize

Thanks @Deltakosh,
I had hoped to scale all the systems at once (not just the particles emitted)
I found that by setting each systems.emitter property to a transformNode, I could simply scale that node.

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I was previously setting my particle files location via BABYLON.Constants.PARTICLES_BaseAssetsUrl before 4.1.
This property does not seem to be available/used n bjs 4.1, do you have any insights on this?

It is still the case. Code is at the same place