How to remove ripples in the text?

How to remove ripples in the text? At any possible distance, the text should be clear



I would recommend using GUI as it comes with a lot of solution to filter images:

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Just noticed that the provided playground works in Chrome, but not in Safari. The playground is a white screen in Safari stuck on Loading assets… Please wait. and createScene function must return a scene.

[Log] Babylon.js v4.2.0-alpha.18 - WebGL1 (babylon.js, line 16)
[Error] WebGL: INVALID_ENUM: bindTexture: invalid target
	(anonymous function) (babylon.js:16:407480)
	(anonymous function) (babylon.js:16:1107992)
	t (babylon.js:16:1133846)
	(anonymous function) (babylon.js:16:1932716)
	(anonymous function) (babylon.js:16:1888320)
	(anonymous function) (babylon.js:16:1932960)
	(anonymous function) (babylon.js:16:1887813)
	(anonymous function) (babylon.js:16:1932563)
	e (babylon.js:16:1881445)
	t (babylon.js:16:1920684)
	createScene (Script Element 1:35)
	Global Code (Script Element 1:133)
	fastEval (main.js:1:387)
	(anonymous function) (main.js:1:2355)
[Error] TypeError: n.texImage3D is not a function. (In 'n.texImage3D(l,0,u,o,a,s,0,h,d,null)', 'n.texImage3D' is undefined)
(anonymous function) β€” babylon.js:16:1108032
t β€” babylon.js:16:1133846
(anonymous function) β€” babylon.js:16:1932716
(anonymous function) β€” babylon.js:16:1888320
(anonymous function) β€” babylon.js:16:1932960
(anonymous function) β€” babylon.js:16:1887813
(anonymous function) β€” babylon.js:16:1932563
e β€” babylon.js:16:1881445
t β€” babylon.js:16:1920684
createScene β€”
Global Code β€”
fastEval β€” main.js:1:387
(anonymous function) β€” main.js:1:2355

	handleException (main.js:1:133)
	Global Code (Script Element 1:135)
	fastEval (main.js:1:387)
	(anonymous function) (main.js:1:2355)

Edit: Just realized my Safari’s on WebGL1, which is probably causing the issue. Works fine in other browsers on WebGL2.

It is because both cascaded and PCF shadows are not supported by webgl1 so you should not create them in webgl1 device like ios.

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