How to render babylonjs animation to png sprite?

In blender I can animate a UI component (ie. Volume knob) I then render each frame to png and stitch into a sprite sheet. Frame 1-127


Using the same blender model exported to .glb, i then import to babylon.
I can manipulate the colors etc for the nodes within babylonjs.

Is there a way to render from babylonjs back to a png sprite sheet? Theories and thoughts are welcomed.

Thanks in advance.


Do you mean a .glb file instead of a .gld?

You can export a scene to a .glb file using the glTF exporter. See:

You can also generate a video if it’s what you are after:

However, we don’t have an automatic way to generate a sprite sheet.


Thanks for the reply. Yes .glb ( typo)

I was hoping to make a tool fully web based that could export my animation frame by frame back to a png sprite.

I guess i could look at a way to convert the movie export option to sprite sheet.

Ultimately, I need the sprite sheet for button animation inside my UI. Babylon was just a way for users to manipulate my model without having to learn blender etc.

One option could be to render the animation in a Render Target Texture? Render Target Texture With Multiple Passes | Babylon.js Documentation (

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