How to rotate as animation a mesh for some degree

Hi, i want to rotate a mesh if i click it for exact 45° independent from the framerate. If i click it again it has to rotate back to its original values. the mesh has to be rotateble form min to max degree. Could someone help ?

Hello and welcome!
You can use animations for that (they are framerate independant):


Thanks a lot, but when i do the same in Typescript, my mesh will rotate arround some time and stop only a few seconds later … like a propeller from a plane.

And to explain, i integrated babylonjs in angular. In “ngAfterViewInit” i create my meshes.

without having a repro it is tough to help :frowning:

I found it. I made a custom function which returns a mesh. In this function i used obj.rotate to put it in the right position. That was my fault. I switched it to obj.rotation and all works well.

Oh really cool! I prefer that :smiley: I hate knowing that someone could be stuck