How to Rotate Mesh and Particle Emitter Around an Axis

I’ve seen several topics with similar title but still no good (clear) implementation or explanation.

How can I flip an Emitter UP around the X or Y axis, without moving the camera?


Seems like it should be easy. The cylindrical emitter faces UP (default orientation). But I want to rotate the cylinder and emitter 90 degrees UP, OR just create emitter with cylinder and emitter already facing sideways. The topic for PG above asked similar question. Their final solution used a MESH as parent to an emitter, but it isn’t quite the same problem… [Particle] Rotate particle system's emitter - #7 by Deltakosh

Perhaps a solution to flip everything perpendicular is using a CONTAINER that could be rotated 90 deg?

Here’s a 2nd PG also pointed UP. Is there a way to flip entire system UP 90 degrees instead of moving camera?


transforming one of the 2 examples above would be helpful to understand how to do it.

Like this ?


Yes that looks like the answer, thank you. The document page doesn’t mention the sphere method to rotate the emitter, but the example helps.- IParticleSystem | Babylon.js Documentation