How to save animation with fire (explosion) made in 3ds max (PhoenixFD) in gltf format

I made an animation of the object’s fire, tried to convert it to gltf format, but an error occurred, maybe tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Unfortunately those kind of animations are not supported by GLTF. Adding @PatrickRyan and @Guillaume_Pelletier to confirm.

Particle and/or Grid simulation are not covered yet by the exporter, nor GLTF 2.0. As far i know, There are preliminary discussions for the Babylon export, but not in the very next release.

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@Sesh1339, I can confirm what @sebavan said that there is no glTF support for volumetric simulations at this point and I have no idea when or if simulations will be supported. This is because glTF is aimed at being a runtime format that is small and runs on any device. Right now the format is being driven by filling out material rendering features that will be needed by e-commerce which is arguably one of the largest users of the format.

The best thing to do here would be to create your particle simulation right in engine. You will need to design it as you would see in any game with an animated particle texture. This is an example of a fire particle system in Babylon.js. Let me know if you have questions about any of this.