How to save the fbx file

when I use the method in the EDITOR to load the fbx file,it succeed。However when I use the serilize the scene to save it,the fbx disappeared!! SO,How to save the fbx file??

Hello and welcome to the Babylon community! @julien-moreau is the author of the Babylon editor, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t support saving on FBX format, as that is not supported by the framework itself.

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Sorry,maybe I describe it uncorrectly.I want to load the fbx format file to the scene and save the whole scene in a .babylon,but it disappeared the fbx models.So whether the BJS support save the fbx models in the Serialized scene and can be loaded to the scene in .babylon format?

Babylon doesn’t support loading FBX either. See Importing Assets | Babylon.js Documentation ( for supported file formats.

Hi @fengyang2021 !

The editor has its own fbx loader that is not part of the official babylonjs-loaders collection. Mainly because this fbx loader is incomplete.

We use fbx at work with the editor and we did not encounter problems when saving the scene. Would it be possible to have a fbx file you try to use so I can have a look on my side ? Also, is it using bones ? (6.9 MB)
YES! Here are two fbx models.I saved the whole scene,and the serialized scene did have some or all of about the fbx model,but it did not work when I tried to load it. (5.0 MB)

And the is the serialized scene by loading the G65.fbx in the

Could those files be used?

Hi @fengyang2021 !
Sorry for the delay, but I finally found the issue!

I noticed that your .babylon file was about 7MB and contained geometries and stuffs. Once I have added your FBX files I finally noticed that their scale was 100x to high and I had to scale the root nodes to XYZ=0.01 as following:

In other words they didn’t appear visible as they were too big.

The FBX loader is still WIP and I’ll try to find a way to handle that case. Maybe somwhere in FBX files their is a scaling unit I can use to automatically handle it.

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Does it mean it can work if we scale the fbx?
And I notice that the fbx model is garbled,is there any way to solve it?

The name of the fbx part is from the scene.rootNodes or meshes

I think this is due to the FBX loader which still must be improved.
What software are you using to produce these FBX? Would it be possible that you rely on using .babylon format using one of the available exporters? Exporters | Babylon.js Documentation

I’m not sure to understand your question :slight_smile:

Yes, babylon format is OK. We now just need to support the FBX to our low-code platform.
Supporting more formats.

What happened when exporting to glb? I have another question glb or babylon