How to scale 3d Buttons on Plane Panel, StackPanel etc

I am trying to use button.scaling but it doesn’t do anything.

If i scale the button.node.scaling this has an odd affect and squishes the content, i try to set the content scale ratio and this doesn’t add much.

I am obviously doing somethign very wrong.

Any help is appreciated

I know this is a bit weird but you need to add the control to the panel before changing anything:

Thanks for the response.

This does appear the change the scale but then the content seems stretched? Is that sorted out by some value on contentScaleRatio?

Yep totally:)

Here ive set the button scaling on the Y to 0.2, and then the contentScaleRatio should be set to 0.8?

I’ve tried but still looks stretched.

oh yep unfortunately the scale is on all directions so this will not help.

So here you should actually leverage text.scaleY:

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Thanks for the help, that has worked! I will suppose this would be the same for images inside buttons and so forth.


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