How to set navmeshParameters to make agent on to stair?

How to set the value of navmeshParameters, to make agent on to stair?

Pinging @Cedric

You have to tweak walkableClimb. It corresponds to the number of unit agent can climb.

For example, with a value of 1 and lowered cube:

Take care of you source mesh: if there are overlapping geometry, the navmesh might be computed are going under.

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The path from “navigationPlugin.computePath” show me can go to target, but “crowd.agentGoto” can’t let agent to target. Maybe related to hight. But the DebugNavMesh show me can through too.

The gray mesh is DebugNavMesh . position.y = 0.3.
Green line is from “computePath”.
The agent be stoped there. How to fix it?

Can you share a playground?

I will get no response When I ues “let navigationPlugin = new BABYLON.RecastJSPlugin();” in playground and run it;

I will get OOM when I use “navigationPlugin.createNavMesh” in local project.

But it worked normally in the day before yesterday, how to fixed it?

OOM happens because you are trying to compute a too detailed navmesh.
Can you try to increase cs and ch value ?

But I think it is bug.
It is worked normally when I use old recast.js in the same cs and ch value.
The recast.js from is different from before.
And the demo in playground is can’t work too.

Indeed, it looks like a problem. Let me take a closer look.

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@RaananW is fixing the problem at the moment, it should be up in a couple minutes.


Everything should be back to normal. Clear your cache and try to reload your pg.