navigationPlugin.addCylinderObstacle not work

const recast = await Recast()
     navigationPlugin = new RecastJSPlugin(recast);
navigationPlugin.addCylinderObstacle not work

cc @Cedric (in this scene the red box is the cylinder obstacle)

Hi @wk5941 and welcome to the forum.
As stated in the documentation : Adding and removing obstacles | Babylon.js Documentation

Note the addition of tileSize. It's the world unit size of each tile. If it's not present or has a value a zero, it falls back to the standard use and obstacles won't work.

Fixed in this PG:

Thank you very much for your timely help :smile:

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Hello, I have encountered a new problem. How can I increase the range of action of obstacles when my floor is large? I don’t know how to achieve it

You can find the documentation on obstacle here : Adding and removing obstacles | Babylon.js Documentation

Please note that the number of obstacles is limited. For more static objects, use static geometry.

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