Small Agent going through big Obstacle

Hello dear community,
How can I configure the NavMesh / Crowd, so that my agents of size (0.5, 2, 0.5) avoid going through obstacles of size (20, 5, 20)? I only get it to work when the difference of agent and obstacle sizes are less. I tried different configurations like walkable attributes or tileSizes, but it didn’t help.

Here is my PG:

cc @Cedric

Hi @Takemura
I’m trying to repro your issue with documentation PGs and I can’t get the same issue (I think).

If I understand correctly, the agent can avoid the obstacle if the difference in size between agent and obstacle is low.

Can you tweak the PG above to repro it?


Hey @Cedric, thanks for your time.

I think i was able to repro, pretty much changed size of obstacle mesh and changed to box obstacle type instead of cylinder:

Hi @Takemura apologies for not following up earlier, are you still having issues?

The agent still goes through the box obstacle. Is it just on my spec or do you have the same issue?

At least here the little box stays in place for a moment, then moves parallel to the big box:

Is this the expected behavior?

This image shows the unexpected behaviour, the agent (small purple box) is not allowed to go through the box collider (big grey box) it should go around or stop before collision:

Oooh I hadn’t noticed that you can click on the scene to direct the small box! I do see it going through the big box now.

I’m taking a look. My first thought is the problem is related to parameters. Let’s see if I’m wrong :slight_smile:


It looks like a bug when using a boxObstacle. Cylinder seems fine. I doing more investigations…


I tweaked the doc playground to reach almost the same size as your PG. It works.

I had to change the tilesize for that.