How to show wireframe of loded objects

Is this possible to show just wireframes of loded .glb files? I entered debugger and saw there that it is possible to render wireframe over mesh. Can I render just wireframe?

Yes you can

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Thank you :slight_smile:!

What’s the difference between meshes[0] and meshes[1] in callbackfunction of ImportMesh method? I couldn’t find it in documentation, sorry if it’s obvious.

ImportMesh will load all the meshes if you do not provide a name (1st parameter) so meshes[0] is the first mesh found in your file and so on

When you look in the inspector in the PG I posted you can see that the first node is _root_ which acts as a parent to the BoomBox mesh and it is the material of the BoomBox I want to render in wireframe hence meshes[1]. The _root_ is meshes[0] and has no material anyway.

Often with imported meshes you have to check the list of meshes as meshes[0] is often, but not always, a _root_ node.