Access to Inspector -> Properties -> Debug "render wireframe over mesh"

Inspector -> Properties -> Debug “render wireframe over mesh” seems quite powerful and handy, is it accessible programmatically? It doesn’t look like it has API documentation.


Hi. It is here

and seems to be a simple clone of mesh.Cheers

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Thanks MarianG, I’ll copy the source code technique then. It gives a lot of control over all the elements too.

Out of curiosity, I wonder if renderWireframeOver could be called programmatically?

Oh, I didn’t understand very well what do you mean by ‘called programmatically’. Can you please explain a little bit? Do you want to call it outside of inspector?

Yes, I want to call it outside the inspector.

For example:


Mmm, I’m afraid we cann’t use it like that, but let ask @sebavan, only to be sure :slight_smile:
Btw, you can create your custom function for this.

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As @MarianG said the full implementation is part of the inspector, so you can not call it directly.

That said let s see with @Deltakosh if we should should move it to core ?

I am really wondering cause the code snippet is pretty short and it is a bit edge case for core.


Yeah code is short enough to be consider an easy to reproduce snippet :wink:

And this way we do not bloat the framework too much


Yes that all makes sense to me.

Thanks everyone for your responses, time and code. :grinning: