How to simulate first person?

I wan’t to make a FPS game. I have made some controls and camera to look like it, but they are not quite right. How would I make a first person position and WASD controls?
Thanks for all your help!


why not simply using the FreeCamera? It is meant to be a FPS camera

Ok, can I have an example?

Here is a repro of what I have:
Its pretty good, but the camera has to much inertia; its to touchy. Also it is to low to the ground. Is there a way to fix this?


  • set camera.inertia = 0
  • set camera.position.y += 1

Enjoy :wink:

Thank you but, when you press the WASD keys the camera falls back down to the ground :confused:

well you need to read the doc I guess :slight_smile:
If you want to control the size of your ellipsoid:
Camera Collisions | Babylon.js Documentation

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