How to target appended model for animation

Hello, my first post here.

Getting to know babylon.js and can’t figure out how to target appended .glb model to do animated rotation on it. Maye it’s something obvious and I am just lame javascript beginner.

I’ve created playground with my code here Babylon.js Playground Only difference is that I am using local .glb on my website.

So question is how to “target my model” in the scene / by targetting I mean for example .rotation.y += 0.05;

I am aiming to recreate something like this Specimen / Milieu Grotesque / Digital Typefoundry (model kinda floating and getting inputs from mouse)

Thanks and wish you good health

Hello and welcome to the community :slight_smile:

here we are:

Hello, thanks for the reply and help!

So the mesh name is somewhere in the scene object, right?

it is coming from your file

You can see the hierarchy by calling

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