Link not downloding the model in the playground

Hi, I am making a demo project for learning babylon.js and have craeted a model link from my server and the model is not been shown in the playgrond after i paste the link. the link of the model is ( and if i try any other models that have already link that gets downloaded in the play ground

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This link will definitely help - Using External Assets In the Playground | Babylon.js Documentation

Thank for the help

Hi I am trying to set new texture to the custom mesh that i have imported in the scene and want to set new texture to it and i am not able to give the texture to that model ca amy one help me

Can you import your model into a playground for people to examine to see if they can help.

Also see Changing Textures on Imported GLB

this is the project and i want to give the texture to the model

Welcome to the community from me.

This PG shows that the material of an imported model can be changed.

Note that newMeshes[0] gives the root node which is added when a glb file is downloaded.

See .glTF File Loader Plugin | Babylon.js Documentation

Use the inspector in the playground to check out the heirarchy of your meshes.

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Thanks for the help

Hii, Any one now how to play multiple animation at one time of a single model

This is a new question not related to the original title. To get the most help I suggest you ask a new question.