How to texture custom mesh from the skybox texture


I’m trying to texture a custom mesh with the skybox texture it works well on basic mesh like in this PG

But on a custom mesh It’s really weird as you can see on this picture:

Do you know how it possible to do that for custom and complex meshes. The goal is to wrap the custom mesh with the skybox texture

what kind of mesh?
when you make custom mesh you most correct that UV map too

Hello nasimiasl!

It’s a GLB mesh took from blender

so that most have a UV map
and you most make your texture on that uv map

yes but the problem is I don’t want to make a texture from Blender, because I want to move inside the mesh and use several skyboxes for each position in the mesh. So the mesh will have several textures but I don’t want to use blender to do it juste use the skybox texture and project it to the mesh.