How to update the position of specific physical characteristics mesh

question 1
physics V1 , PhysicsImpostor can update the positon,
but, I will report an error when using physics V1

Can it be that I am using HavokPhysics locally, which makes the PhysicsImpostor unusable

question 2
I should consider physics V2, but physics v2 not modified mesh position

    scene.onPointerDown = function (e, pick) {

        // update mesh position

i have a try, havok cannot use PhysicsImpostor`s function,
this is a sad story, how can i update the mesh postion

@lvjing1111122 Isn’t it similar to this topic?

Yes, this is the same issue
this is quite useful

Hello, just checking in @lvjing1111122 was your question answered?