Physics body not removed from mesh after plugin disposal

Version: 6.31.0

calling scene.disablePhysicsEngine() could dispose and remove all physicsBody from mesh.

Let me take a look

Plugin V1 or V2 behave the same: physicsImpostor or physicsBody are not removed from mesh/transform.
The design behind that is once a mesh is physicalized, it never stop being unless it’s removed. Physics engine start at the beginning of the app and stays alive along the app.
So, if you want to keep a mesh and add/remove its physical properties, it’s up to you to do so by having a list.
Any opinion on that @carolhmj ?
I don’t want to change anything with V1 physics because of back compat and I’d like to keep the same behavior between V1 and V2

I wouldn’t mind having the physics bodies being disposed along with the V2 engine, through I’m curious why would someone dispose of the engine in the first place? Is it to save resources?

For example, I dispose engines during dev mode, (hot reloading code) just to avoid refresh the page.