How to use BABYLON.BloomEffect


I’m trying to make a bloom effect so it looks a little something like my blender scene.

If I use this

  var gl = new BABYLON.GlowLayer('glow', scene, { mainTextureFixedSize: 1024, blurKernelSize: 64, mainTextureSamples: 4 });
  gl.intensity = 1;

my scene does get a little bloom but not very much

As far as I can see there is a bloom postprocessing effect but it does nothing if i use it like this.

var postProcess = new BABYLON.BloomEffect(scene, 100, 10, 10);

Basically I need a bloom effect with a much larger radius like the blender example.

Is this possible?


Hello! You’ll want to increase the glow kernel size: Making Meshes Glow | Babylon.js Documentation (, glow layer and alpha fresnel | Babylon.js Playground ( I don’t think adding the bloom is necessary but it looks cooler with it to me :slight_smile: glow layer and alpha fresnel | Babylon.js Playground (

Hello @phero just checking in if you’d like any more help with this.