How to use baking NavmeshData?

Referring to the docs, it is explained that the seek mesh can be retrieved by baking the navmesh and restoring the bytestream later. However, I don’t know exactly how to use it. Do I have to parse it again after saving it in json format?
Examples are lacking. Can anyone help me?

Hi @taehoChoi and welcome to the forum

Once you get the byte stream with RecastJSPlugin | Babylon.js Documentation
, it’s up to you to save and restore it. You can encode it using base64, upload it somewhere, copy and paste the encoded string,…
And then, do the reverse and call RecastJSPlugin | Babylon.js Documentation

Hey @taehoChoi! Welcome!

Here is PG demonstrating how to save and load the baked navmesh data:



thanks you! i will try it!