How to use mirror texture for node material reflection texture

Hi there!

I’m new to node materials and node geometry, so I started this little testing project where I want to make a changeable presentation platform.
The progress is good. I was able to make a dynamic ground material where I can change the gradient of the fade out, and it receives shadows. As well as a simple plane made in the NGE.

Last thing I would love, is some reflections. So I added a reflection texture to the PBR node in the node material - which works great with the environment.

The reflection I want, is the object standing on the platform though. I was able to make a mirror texture and get it into the ReflectionTexture input of the node material.
But the mirror texture doesn’t show.

Does anyone know what I am missing? Is the mirror plane wrong? Do I have to add something in the node material?

Here is the playground:

I’m looking forward to your answers, and thank you very much in advance.

Best, David

Welcome aboard!

You must tell the system to render the reflection texture by doing scene.customRenderTargets.push(reflectionTexture);. It is done automatically when you assign a reflection texture to a texture of a standard or PBR material, but not when you do it for a node material.

However, I don’t think it will work as intended, because the texture is not suitable for an environment texture. If you want to use this texture to mirror the model on the ground, you could do what the default environment helper does:

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