HDR Reflections in Node Material Editor (NME) Material

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I’m trying to get the scene.environmentTexture to reflect on an NME material I have attached to a plane that will represent an ocean in my scene. The material reflects an HemisphericLight without any issues.

I am using a custom NME material in order to add vertex displacement for wave motion (which I’ve been able to get working successfully), and note that it is only reflecting the hemispheric light and not the HDR I’ve used.

Using a standard PBR material, works okay:

Any guidance appreciated - thanks!

You need to add a Reflection block in your node material:


Or you can use a PBRMetallicRoughness block instead of the Lights block to create a PBR material. In that case, you can input a reflection block into the reflection input of the PBRMetallicRoughness block.

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Thank You!