How to use PlaneDragGizmo?

Is PlaneDragGizmo a new component? I found it in the api, but I didn’t find an example. I used it in playground and then reported an error.

pinging @trevordev

@balupg added this
it can currently be used by enabling it on position gizmo

It looks like exposing it on the BABYLON object was missed, I will add this today so it can be used on its own.

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Hey!Hello, I want to ask a question, this is my one of my example, I now need to implement a feature is, click on the model, the closer to the camera, near to the grid by mouse click, and when I will be the camera around to the back of the model, click on the model, the phase opportunities right in front of the rotation to the model, see to the model, in fact this is two functions, but should be performed at the same time, I just test this is a mathematical, need to compute euler Angle of the camera

I’m not sure I see a question. Are you trying to zoom to the object that you click on but from the back? What is “phase opportunities”? Is this related to PlaneDragGizmo? I don’t see that anywhere in your PG. If it’s not related to PlaneDragGizmo, perhaps you can should start another thread so that it’s not confused with this thread.

yes, I started a new thread to ask my question, but no one has answered me yet

thank you for your answer sincerely

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Is PlaneDragGizmo not use with GizmoManager? I try it ,but it looks like no effect.