How to wander in Hololens2?

With HTC, I can wander the scene of babylonjs with the controller.

const featuresManager = xr.baseExperience.featuresManager; // or any other way to get a features manager
            const ControllerMovement = <BABYLON.WebXRControllerMovement>featuresManager.enableFeature(BABYLON.WebXRFeatureName.MOVEMENT, this._mode, {
                xrInput: xr.input
            ControllerMovement.movementSpeed = this._moveSpeed.value;

With Hololens2, I can enter VR mode with edge. But how to control the webxr camera to wander in the scene of babylonjs?

cc @RaananW

Teleportation works in VR experiences in the hololens as well. click towards the ground for 3 seconds and you will see the teleportation doughnut. YOu will then be able to teleport there.

This answer is for VR experiences :slight_smile: AR experiences work (IMO) a little differently. As AR usually consists of interaction with the real worls, moving from one place to the other will require you to actually move yourself. i.e. - Walk in the real world. You can, of course, move specific objects towards you if you want to zoome in etc’, but I wouldn’t move an entire scene (like what teleportation does).