Display a hologram with in HoloLens 2

Hi Everyone,
Actually, I am developing an app with webXr.i need to rotate the hologram into 360 degrees. for this i am using the ArcRotateCamera.it’s rotating well inside the browser but didn’t respond in to the XR view.

Does anyone suggest to me that how can I rotate the hologram 360 degrees into WebXr mode in BabylonJs?

WebXR’s camera is your actual position. So you can’t have the same control over your model as you have when using the arc rotate camera.

But instead of rotating around the object (i.e. arc rotate) you can rotate the object itself, when displayed in front of you. We have gizmos that do that (with touch support as well):

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Thanks, RaananW

Hi RaanamW,
I want to handle Holograms like This link but i want to remove the dependency of pointer.

The controls feel fine once you manage to grab one of the scaling points, but if there is some way to implement a proximity-based snap feature so that you don’t have to be pinpoint accurate when grabbing them, I believe that would greatly improve user experience. The act of pinching to select something can frequently change where the hololens think you are pointing, which is why I suggest the snap feature. Darren informed me that there was meant to be some feature that would allow you to change your position relative to the model by clicking and/or dragging on the ground. As you can see in the video by the dot on the ground turning blue, I tried several times to click and drag on the ground but to no effect. If there is any other feedback you are looking for please let me know.

I am sorry, i can’t see the video. Did you share it here? There is a size limitation here, so that’s probably why you couldn’t attach it.

Here is the link

You can use teleportation, even in hololens. if you defined a ground (the plane in your video) you can use the teleportation to go to the point you are selecting.

You can also implement it yourself - change the camera’s position after click, and you will move to this position.

Hi RaananW,
I have no idea that how I use teleportation in Babylon. Will you provide me some examples?

here i host some related examples but it was not sowing the teleportation in webXr emulator and i haven’t HoloLense devise for testing. whould you guide me what i am missing here?

I just want to show like this option

The teleportation feature is decsribed here and in code - WebXR Selected Features | Babylon.js Documentation , there are a few examples there as well.

Let me know if something is not clear :slight_smile:

Actually, I tried from the same link but the output is not showing with teleportation. You can check with this link however i aspected the output like this

Are you doing that on a hololens? the hololens, being hand-input-oriented, doesn’t have a thumbstick. you will need to set it to work with the main component, and wait N seconds (configurable) before seeing the teleportation ring.

I would also recommend starting with a simpler scene, something with a ground only and see if it works well, before adding hotspots to the mix.

Actually, I haven’t HoloLens. I just check with virtual emulator.

which works the same. it doesn’t have a thumbstick (but reports it does have one). You will need to set it to use the main component only

It’s working on Hololense.

Would you provied me some idea that how can i developed and test application with teleportation in babylon without hololense.mean would i test it on chrome
browser with Virtual Simulator?

I am using the emulator all the time. Yes, it works, just the same way it works in hololens, you just need to set it to use the main component (i pasted the doc link in a previous post)

It’s showing featuresManager is not defined
at createScene. i think i am missing some library.
would you guide me please?

The only guidance I can give you is that you will have to find out why it is not defined…
I don’t know your code, I don’t know what you are trying to do. The featureManager is a part of the experience helper and is being initialized when you initialize an experience helper.

If you just copied some code, don’t copy blindly. Check what references were created initially, understand where the variables are coming from.
I hope this helps

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