How to work with skeletons

I’ve seen playgrounds that illustrate how to use the skeletons and bones

  1. Babylon.js Playground
  2. Babylon.js Playground

however, I dont understand where the imported mesh is coming from, is this something hosted online that I can access, i’m referring to this line specifically:

ImportMesh("him", "scenes/Dude/", "dude.babylon"

or do i need to download the dude.babylon file? How would I go about doing this with a custom human/texture/etc…? I saw this somewhere a while ago: Character Study - Babylon.js - Samuel Girardin - and you can toggle between skin character and skeleton. is there a tutorial on how to achieve something like this? I’m still new to all this so an in-depth guide/tutorial would be really helpful. I’m reading this article: but the playgrounds have very minimal code and i dont understand how to put together the skeleton + meshes + textures to create a real looking humanoid

thanks for the help

This asset in the scenes/Dude directory of the Playground. This page lists all available assets: The Meshes Library | Babylon.js Documentation.

To create animated characters you should use an external tool like Blender for eg, Babylon.js is not the right tool for this.

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