HTC VIVE YouTube Example, How?

How did y’all pull this off?!
Is this @PirateJC in the video its hard to tell with the mask on?

Totally forgot David Rousset name on here or id tag him.

Please help me, I have been digging everywhere but am not able to get the HTC to run a playground or any kind of scene. It seems like there is mixed information out there, but this is obviously possible if you did it in 2017.

Let s ask @RaananW about the support but it shall be WebXR and not WebVR those days :slight_smile:

Also it looks more like Davrous in the video.

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LOL Not me, though there’s certainly a VR resemblance there. LOL

Use the WebXR default experience, it will load the controllers automatically.

You can select the vive in the emulator as well:

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Hmmm I tried that and when’s I wanted to enter VR mode it would give me an error.

It works if I use the emulator but does not if I use the real VIVE.

what error do you get? anything in the console?

I even tried doing the beta version of steam that uses OpenXR to no avail.

that’s an issue with your openxr runtime. Have you managed to enter an XR session using any WebXR code?
I don’t have a vive so I can’t check, but I do know that you should make sure streamVR is your openxr runtime.

Also, it looks like your controllers are not detected?

I did not have the controllers turned on, I was just looking to get into a scene first.

Let me ensure that is my correct runtime, ill have to look up how to do that.

Looks like it is…

Hmmmmm. Do I need to launch it from the browser inside SteamVR? I was under the impression as well that you could boot steamVR from the browser if it was setup correctly.

And no I have not been able to get into any webXR sessions unless I use just the emulator.

Nope. WebXR-enabled browser should launch your OpenXR runtime and open it.
I am sorry that I can’t be of more help. I have had my share of issues with both the oculus runtime and the windows MR runtime and have learned how to debug and fix those. But as I don’t have a vive I can’t really provide any good tricks to get it to work.

One thing I will say though - from my experience, a browser with the webxr emulator installed will not work as well as a fresh browser without it.

I’ll give that a shot maybe the emulator is causing the conflict.

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Nope, its just not doing it. The browser detects I have VR support. I have all the flags setup correctly. The browser is flagged to --no-sandbox. Literally cant think of anything else to do.

Looks like I’m not the only one with this problem on the internet either.

I have tried literally everything I know… has anyone recently got this working at all? Calling all HTC VIVE owners, someone throw me a frikin bone here.

I have a Vive and to get mine to work I have to load the scene in Microsoft Edge. Chrome and Firefox give me errors. This is better than a year ago, where everything was broken. I also have the Steam VR Beta branch, I don’t remember how to do it but I’m sure a quick google search would bring it up.

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I’ll check that out, we just went ahead and ordered a quest 2.

Ha that’s actually what I did last year, buy a Quest just a few weeks before Quest 2 launched.

Oh right yeah, I have to disable the WebXR device emulator to get it to use my physical device too.