Cannot connect HTC Vive with web

Hi, everyone
I am a VR developer and there are some problems in one of my projects. The project was to design VR settings of different museums so that the visitors do not have to visit the place in person but view them via VR devices. We set two cameras in Babylon(one normal, one webvr). After that, we tested it in a couple of Windows 10 system-devices with Firefox engine. (The VR device is HTC vice) It only worked on a few computers(not laptop) and it did not work most of the time. However, the connection between HTC and computer was fine since the Steam VR worked perfectly fine. I updated the firefox engine to the latest version this morning and it still did not work. The problem was that, after clicking the VR button, the screen would change to a VR perspective, but there is nothing inside the HTC vice VR head. Therefore I guess the problem is on the connection between web and VR devices but I don’t know how to fix it. According to Babylon document:[Use the WebVR Camera - Babylon.js Documentation], I tried navigator.getVRDevices().then((vrs) => {console.log(vrs.length)}) and it appeared navigator. getVRDevices is not a function so I changed VRDevices to VRDisplays. It returned promise {: “pending”} and then returned a zero. I am sorry that I am a new user and I cannot upload any gifs. The project is still under development so that I cannot put a link about it.
Thank you very much and wish all is well.

maybe you dont use https?

no, we use localhost:3000/. When we open a webvr supported page it appeared as webvr supported but no vrdisplays found But the steam VR works fine.

WebVR support is slowly declining. The only (major) browser that still supports WebVR is firefox.

Both chrome and edge support WebXR, which is the new VR (or XR :slight_smile: ) standard. I would recommend experimenting with WebXR and using the WebXR polyfill is you need support for legacy systems (like cardboard or firefox). You can read about WebXR in our documentation page - Introduction to WebXR - Babylon.js Documentation

Thank you for replying, I will try that.