I am back coding but i cant find roller coaster examples =)

I think wingnuts forum post contained a lot of examples with a roller coaster and normals it to study
Does anyone have a link?
I am currently trying a lot different camera movements =)

Was it like this one? A Carriage Following a Track - Babylon.js Documentation

Or was it the earlier one Jerome did roller coaster demo - Questions & Answers - HTML5 Game Devs Forum

note playground #5 requires lockedTarget not target for line 179 following breaking changes from BJSV2

as in https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1HH4OJ#31

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Very nice! if we were to add some nice 3D assets to it and add it to the front page, I’m convinced this demo would convinced a lot of people to try BabylonJS :smiley: !

I also very enjoyed the Marble Tower @PirateJC, simple and pretty! Nice to make newcomers dreaming of their next project with BabylonJS!

@Nodragem - Thanks for the kind words! Marble Tower was a TON of fun to make…it really helped me understand just how powerful ammo.js is and how great it is to have support for it in Babylon!