I am developing a mobile case customizer like vistaprint using babylon js

I am having issue in sticker image wrapping issue on my mesh edges. below is my link for my application

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This is mainly due to poor handling of overlapping surfaces and normals.

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Thanks a lot for giving response on my issue. If I show you my apply image as decal code, can you please help me on this?

I’m not a native English speaker, and I think I misunderstood your question, I thought you were referring to the flickering of the edges of the phone.

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No no, I want that when my image increases in size, it should wrap around the edges of the phone cover like it happens in VistaPrint. like this image below

My suggestion would be to use the model’s own uv channel in conjunction with a shader.

yeah I used model’s UV data in my js code. But wrapping is still not possible. actually I am a expert coder but not expert in 3d modeling in software I don’t know how to check UV data of 3D model in Blender. Can you check my model in 3d model software.

I’m no expert in modeling either, but from past experience, this model is full of mess. I checked his uv’s , but it looks like his uv’s have not been processed.

Is this model is mine??

ok then , why dont you just solve the problem in code , no need to open anything in blender…

I tried with Fragment Shader and vertex shader . and getting my top edge vertex data. But not succeed. Actually Wrapping around edges of a 3d model while resizing and dragging is little more complex. I am close to it but I missed something and unable to get that issue. Thats why I need help.

i am of course stirring the pot a bit due to what you said but anyway , babylons decal system wont help here because it will stretch on the side because decals use planar projection.

if you plan to add the decal to the texture used by the material , your models uvs need to be created in a manner that facilitates such functionality.

okay. When I directly apply a texture,it wraps whole backcover mesh. So that I think model is ok, But when I placed image in center of mesh and tried it sucks

Yes, this is your model.
I reassigned the uv for you, you’re welcome.
Should I just send it to you in the forum, or should I send it to you privately?


yes please send me privately. Aww thanks man. You are a savior. It will be a great help. here is my email. rahulvrm16@gmail.com

Email sent :wink:

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can you please send it in a .gltf format from blender? thanks again buddy

No problem. But glb is actually the binary format of gltf, and both are used in the same way.

yes glb is also working with my code. Thanks a lot again friend

Hi . I got wrapping decal on backcover mesh edge during drop image event. But at the time of using resize handlers wrapping not working. can anybody help. I can share my relevant code part