I built a proper, data driven scene graph for Babylon.js. I'm thinking of open-sourcing it. Anyone interested?

Hi everyone. I’ve designed and implemented an extensible, data driven scene graph for Babylon.js. I’m thinking of open sourcing it. It seems there is nothing yet out there like this.

I designed it, here at Global Liquidity, as groundwork I needed for implementing our upcoming babylon.js powered 3D crypto trading interface. Here you see three “Scenes” composited into upper viewport, lower viewport, and the frame is a PBR lit scene stacked on the others. Each elements in each scene is a Scene Element. Here we see me pushing procedural test data through the system. The idea here is that this is not just a generic scene graph. It is particularly designed for building scenes driven by realtime data provided by a message bus and/or other sources. I think this is a yet majorly untapped technique and has wide applicability. Would anyone jump at the chance to work with this and possibly contribute to the project?

Here are the core interfaces, to give you an idea of it’s design so far.



Hey this is excellent!!! I’m all in if you want to open source it. If you want this could even be an extension in babylon.js repo here GitHub - BabylonJS/Extensions: Extensions for Babylon.js

Awesome! I’m going for it. I just made the repo.

“glsg : Global Liquidity Scene Graph”

It’s empty for now. I’m working to factor out the scene graph from my project so it can stand alone.

Hmm… nice idea about making it an extension. I’ll check that out.


dude totally down for it, i’d love to integrate the bitmex websocket orderbook!!

Awesome. I have Binance integrated now. Bitmex is on the list. They have the fastest data feed! Let’s talk. Send me an email at james@globalliquidity.io!

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This is very much alive. I just released our first code for this in a public repo:

I’ve also made a Telgram group called “GLSG Community” for collaborating on this.

Come on in if you’d like to play with the first data driven scene graph for the web.

Telegram: Join Group Chat