I cannot begin my animations on a scene

I have a React app with BJS scene inside. I use state objects of React, with React Hooks, to create an Animation object, the keys, and I use scene.beginAnimation to start it but I cannot get animation run.
It returns and Animatable object which I store and use again to pause, stop, restart etc with Animatable methods of same names.

What am I missing?

With no repro I can’t tell unfortunately

I see. I know. It is just this setup I use makes the extraction of the code for BJS PG a bit difficult. But I will try to extract.

Here it is.

But it works here.
While it also works in my app now, I have improved it, the problem it is not smooth, it is discrete. At first it is at origin then the second I begin animaiton it is at the final value.
What am I missing here?

It is smooth in the PG :frowning: so again no repro so it is complicated to help

Can you make sure the value you give are ok by logging them to the console?