Multiple Skeletons export issue

Hello there,

I have multiple issues and I’m really not sure what’s causing it.

The first issue is that I’m exporting from 3ds max 2019 a multiple mesh using the same skeleton with different skin modifiers.
When loading the file, the animation start but the skins are all destroyed.

  • A solution I found for this is exporting one skeleton for each mesh. Then the skins are okay but then I have x skeletons for x meshes…

The second issue is that I used simple parenting for some meshes. I can see the animation is not running the same way as the skinned one.

I exported some babylon files with the latest 3ds max exporter.
I can provide the Max scene and the exported babylon files but I would prefear to send it by mail.

One last thing, I thought I read somewhere a @Deltakosh tutorial to hand skeletons with multiple animations but I don’t seems to find it.
I don’t know if that’s possible but what is the correct way to export animations from 3ds max without embedding everything in one package ?

Thanks !

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Are you using gltf file format?

No everything is exported as .babylon.

I just tested with gltf in
The skin is as bad as the .babylon but then parented meshes are in sync with the skinned meshes.

@Gil_Guminski Is it okay to message me with a zip of the Max, babylon, glTF files? I can check out the babylon/glTF side of things at least.


Thanks for fixing the export issue !