I would like to insert a dynamic text into my glb or gltf model but I can't

hi guys,
Can anyone help me out with creating an dynamic text to the gltf model

In the followed example its been created trough an image but what i need is to be on gltf model

Have a look at the similar topic here - Draw Text Dynamic Texture On PBR Material (you can do more search yourself too, it is quite common question).
Example - https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#7FYWYL#7

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hi labris

As you suggested me to follow to that playground, I did it well but the only one issue i have that’s neither any where of my glb, i can see my text
why it is ?

I think it would help if we could have a look at your PG with your GLB.
Could you put it somewhere and make a PG with it? - Using External Assets In the Playground | Babylon.js Documentation

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hi labris,

I’ve been working with visual studio code
therefor with the help of vuejs, and typescript

when i load my PG to https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/ in typescript section its showing err

Hi @wilfred It looks to me like you are still on the same topic and disseminating your request in additional posts. May be you didn’t get my message about creating a single post for a same topic?
You know, high level, it doesn’t matter whether you are using glb, gltf, vue or react, ts or js or else. It will all end up the same place and with the methods we can use from BJS and the API.

I believe we (collectively) gave you the possible path(s) to follow in your previous posts.
Let me resume here once more to make this clear:

  1. Two favorite (and simple) methods: Either…
    1a) Use the dynamicTexture method to draw text on a texture assigned to a mesh created to receive this area of dynamicTexture
    1b) Use the GUI advancedDynamicTexture for mesh to display .text on a control assigned to a mesh created to receive this part of ADT control

  2. Prepare your mesh: Either…
    2a) Cut out an area of your mesh as a submesh that will be assigned the dynamic or ADT texture/control
    2b) Duplicate or create an area on top of your mesh with a tiny offset to assign your dynamic or ADT texture/control (while keeping the integrity of your mesh and texture)

  3. Use textInput for user text input and upon change use the new value to either…
    3a) Update the dynamicTexture draw text with the new value (as fully demonstrated in a previous PG)
    3b) Update the GUI control for mesh with the .text value from the textInput (not yet demonstrated in a PG shared with you - although I believe an example PG can be found in this forum).

So, I’d say first ‘choose a method’; second make a simple PG; third (if you still need help) share your PG with us (you can choose from js or ts in the PG)

I’m afraid nobody will be able to really help you with just the screenshot above.

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