ICanvasRenderingContext missing createRadialGradient

I’m assuming this is supposed to mimic the CanvasRenderingContext2D interface. It may be missing more but this is the one I use that was in 4.2 but missing from 5.0.0-alpha.65

It is currently missing a lot of features from the canvas 2d and it is actually not meant to be a full support. It currently is targeting mostly what we support for text rendering and such as part of the babylon GUI system.

@Cedric could confirm when he ll be back from vacation.

Is there something else going on with non-browser use that getContext() wouldn’t return CanvasRenderingContext2D or at least having ICanvasRenderingContext extend CanvasRenderingContext2D?

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The main issue is that it would defeat the point of limiting the available APIs to only what is available cross plat. This is currently done this way to ensure only what we support is exposed.

Yes, I confirm what @sebavan said. it’s not meant to support every features. Only what’s needed for Babylon GUI.

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