If I need a lot of animation, should I export it in 3D software or program it in Babylon ?

Hi all,I want to make a production line,so I need a lot of animation, should I create animation in 3D software or program animation in Babylonjs ?Which is more suitable?

There will be a lot of rolling or rotating animation, and conveyor belt animation

Try using blender with the babylonjs exporter. Otherwise manually setting the keyframes will make you go mad.

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Yes. I actually dislike having to approve this, but if you really have a lot of (imported meshes/submeshes) anims, BJS doesn’t really offer the ‘friendliest’ way for handling them. On the other hand, I suppose it also depends on the type of animation. You know how it is. Once it’s in… If you run the same animation type in your scene multiple times, well then, why not…

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