If rotate div, the button will can not be click

When I rotate a div, and use the canvas (in the div) to create engine, then I create one GUI button, the button can not be click.

#renderCanvas {

transform: rotate(90deg);


<canvas #renderCanvas id="renderCanvas"></canvas>

this.btn_Box = Button.CreateSimpleButton(“openBox”, “open”);
this.btn_Box.width = “100px”
this.btn_Box.height = “40px”
this.btn_Box.background = “green”
this.btn_Box.color = “yellow”
this.btn_Box.linkOffsetY = “-450px”
this.btn_Box.onPointerClickObservable.add(() => {

This is not supported at all as far as I know off.

CC @RaananW in case he has a quick idea.

Our input (and screen projection), in general, doesn’t support css transformations. Dragging the camera will not work as well…

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Any plans to support it?
Cesiumjs is support well.

Actually, I want to render it compulsively by lanscape in mobile phone.

We have no plans of supporting it AFAIK. This will require a few changes in the way we are parsing X and Y positions of the pointer and the pointer deltas between frames. Maybe @PolygonalSun has a different answer?

AFAIK, there are no plans to support this.

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