If SSR suppport nm now?

I find that this pr:wip nme prepass · BabylonJS/Babylon.js@f8ca9f2 · GitHub.
NM supports output prepass results now.If we can use it in SSR to support NM?

SSR is not fully supported yet because the PrePassOutput block does not support the reflectivity component. So, a mesh with a node material can be reflected by other materials like in (the sphere material is a node material):

But it cannot itself reflect other meshes, as in (the material of the sphere is a standard material):

We will see to add this support quickly.

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This PR will add reflectivity support to the PrePassOutput block:

Once it’s merged, this PG will work:



An error will be reported in the new version:

You get this error if you don’t have the PR in your codebase.

The PG I linked above does now work for me in the Playground: