Ssr postprocess ignore rtt's setMaterialForRendering for mesh

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I set a red material for the ground in rtt, it works fine until I add the SSRPostProcess.
I also tested with blurpostprocess but it works fine.
Actually I doubt it a bug because ssr don’t use the setMaterialForRendering while rendering the prepass_color texture.
So how can I make it with ssr?

I’m having a bit of difficulty to understand your scenario :sweat_smile: You created a RTT, but isn’t displaying it anywhere. What are we supposed to be seeing here?

You can see the rtt in the inspector, and I thought the ground should be red in the rtt because I use setMaterialForRendering, but it shows the default color in the rtt.

Hi !

I guess this is linked with this issue:

When I use GBuffer instead of using PrePass in the SSR parameters, it seems to work.