I'm having issues after loading the FBX model

I wanted to use an FBX file in Babylonjs and loaded the model using “babylonjs-loader-fbx”.
I then wanted to attach the mesh to individual bones of the model and used the attachToBone command, but I am getting the error captured below.
It appears that the Bone object does not have a getFinalMatrix member function, so I load the .babylon model and look at the Bone object and see that it has a getFinalMatrix. I end up creating an object with the model I loaded, but it appears to be missing a function, and getFinalMatrix returns _finalMatrix. Is there an improvised way to use it?
Please help me :cry:

Hey! I don’t know the babylon-loader-fbx. This is not something made by the core team

You may want to reach to the author directly

Maybe create a repro in the PG as well? we can still have a look

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Maybe convert the FBX to a glTF before loading if that’s an option?


That’s a great idea, are there any libraries that work in the browser you can recommend?

I use this in my projects on server side when I need conversion from fbx to gltf/glb.