In BabylonEditor, fbx model download from mixamo get error


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Try adding this after creating the Babylon engine
BABYLON.SceneLoader.CleanBoneMatrixWeights = true;

cc’ing @julien-moreau for visibility

How to set this in the editor?

I hadn’t realized it was for the editor. There is no parameter for this. Let’s wait for @julien-moreau to see what he thinks about it.

Some people would call it ‘Art’. Why do you want to constrain ‘procedural art’? : Just open your mind and let it in :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Just joking of course :grin: @Tidus while waiting for the serious answer from @julien-moreau …Hopefully to come soon :wink: Thx for your patience and meanwhile, have an awesome WE :sunglasses:

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Hi @Tidus !
I’m so sorry I missed the post !
I have fixed this issue recently and it’s going to be released this week with the support of BabylonJS v5 in the editor

The issue was located in the FBX loader when computing bones. Pre rotation and post rotation were not applied on bones transformations

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