Image/Texture overlay/reposition on top of mesh

I’m trying to prototype an editor that would allow users to overlay and embed images on top of a mesh (Say, you’re editing a shirt, and you wanna insert a logo at a given position)

The dumbest/easiest idea that I thought of would be to:

  • Generate those textures as dynamicTextures, on a plane and play with the position of that plane through gizmos (An ugly workaround, especially since it’s flat and doesn’t go with the mesh’s curves [If you think of something you wanna put on the arm]), and then export the whole scene.

A while ago, I did have a look at the API that could play with the vertices of a given mesh and update the data. (Place a fake TransformNode at the center of the selected vertices, and on each gizmoRelease, update the vertices’ data)

I’m just thinking if there’s something similar that could be leveraged to overlay multiple images/logos on top of a given mesh and embed it. Any orientation/playground is welcome!

Hello! Decals Decals | Babylon.js Documentation ( are great for this sort of thing :smiley: