Import and play simple animations of object (of mesh)

Hi there, I’m looking for an example of how to load an animated 3D object(glb, babylon…) into babylon.js and then play it.
In 3ds max, I create a simple cube and animate it by using the bend modifier. When I export to glb or babylon - the animation does not work. I’ve seen many examples of how to animate bones and play it. Nowhere is any example I described. Thanks in advance for your advice. (6.4 KB)

can you share your model (the glb file?)

Yes, its shared now.

Your file does not contain any animation. You could never the less manually add some like in those examples:

The referenced material is good, thank you but my problem does not describe. I did not find how to prepare the animation in a 3D program like 3ds max and so on. How to do it properly, it means exported it into glb format and then it can be presented in the babylonl.js engine. Please watch the video as I progress. Please correct my progress, thank you very much in (2.4 MB)

Adding @PatrickRyan for this part as he will be a way better asset than me here.

@Johny_Mickey, unfortunately the bend operation in Max is a per-vertex animation through a deformer that does not use a skeleton. Right now, we don’t support per-vertex, per-frame animation. You will need to create a skinned mesh with a skeleton. You then apply the animation to the skeleton and the skinning information will handle the vertex offset from the bones.

In terms of how to create a skinned mesh, there are a ton of resources out there for this. A simple google search for “skinning and rigging a model for animation in 3ds Max” should get you plenty of resources to create the type of model you need.