Import Lights out of Adobe Dimensions

Hey guys,

we have some Dimension gltf files. We Import these to a new Scene and it looks almost the same as in Dimensions.

But the Lights which is defined in Dimensions does not Export to the File or to Babylon (in the Meshes i see ~50 Objects which i can’t define, maybe these are the Lights)

In the Image you can see the Settings from the Lights, maybe you can tell me how to Position the Lights to real Lights?

Lights are one of the Things i don’t understand as well i would…

I hope you can read the Image, because i only got German screenshots :smiley:

Thank you

Unfortunately I do not speak german. Did you try to ask on the adobe forum?

Here is a good doc to understand lighting with PBR: Master Physically Based Rendering (PBR) - Babylon.js Documentation