Missing Lights | Export from Blender as .babylon file


I like to export a scene in Blender as .babylon file. However, not all materials recieve lighting as expected. Strictly speaking, the scene is really dark and I don’t know why.

Here is the screenshot in the babylon sandbox after exporting it as .babylon file:

Are there any special options necessary to see all lights?

I’m using Blender 2.83, babylonjs 4.1.0 and Blender/Babylon exporter in version 6.4.1

Thx for your help!

This is how it looks like in blender

1st, this looks like it might have been made with the inside of a box. Also, when something is black on import the most likely cause is backwards normals. Try flipping normals. Blender does not back face cull in the viewer.

2nd, I am assuming that this is a picture from the sandbox, and not the result of your load javascript. When things are not you expect, bisect your problem using Sandbox.

3rd, you do not state whether you are exporting STD or PBR materials. Include your export log file.

The “inside the box” was the issue. I did some changes and everyhting works as expected now. Thx for your fast reply!